logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow. logic is a wreath of pretty flowers which smell bad.


just press play

OH and also if you want to request sidebars and stuff that are from stid and star trek 2009 contact me at claraeleven as well i can make icons from tos too just not gifs bc i didn’t download any episodes 

hey guys!!

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hey!! so i don’t think i’ll be using this blog for a really long time i might not use it again later but im not sure yet when im sure that i won’t be using it i’ll let go of the url hopefully that’s soon if not hmm anyway yeah it’s been real you can follow me on claraeleven if you want to i’ll still use that anyway ily <3

Anonymous said: are you actually making out that people are dumb for getting mad about you not sourcing a theme? people put work into something and you just get rid of their credit because you don't want their names on your blog what thhehhehe fufuck

IM SORRY i’ve gotten this like five times i understand now that things like this are actually important to some people like i sincerely feel bad that i delete the credits but im not going to do that anymore if it makes everyone so upset 

Anonymous said: Lol you are so shady. "Oh no got caught stealing a theme better delete the post!" I already screen-capped it, and as soon as I find out whose theme you stole I WILL be reporting you to them. You're disgusting.

i think that’s beautiful 

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Four years? I’ll do it in three.